2018 Limited Edition Halloween Sessions

My Limited Edition Halloween Sessions are my favorite Limited Edition Sessions every year. This year was no different. So, without further ado let me introduce the 2018 Halloween Limited Edition Sessions. Grace Jasmine Jasmine Winston & Jasmine Winston Winston Bucephaleus Dracula Malakai Clover Aiko & Rogue Aiko Rogue Jolie Did you miss out on this year's Halloween Sessions? Don't make the same mistake twice, get in on our Christmas sessions EARLY!


Once upon a time, I knew this awesome Chihuahua Chula. My good friend, and fellow dog training colleague, Susan, used to let me take her anytime she needed to travel. She was the coolest Chi ever. So, you can imagine how saddened I was to learn this week that Chula, the feistiest and coolest Chi I'd ever known finally succumbed to liver disease. Thankfully, Chula found herself in front of my camera quite a few times over the years. So tonight, I celebrate Chulita. Rest in Peace little girl. Grace and I will always miss you.

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