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  • Christine Geschwill

Lifestyle Photography

Personally, my favorite type of pet session is a lifestyle session. I call them A Day in the Life Sessions. Lifestyle sessions are opportunities to really get to know a subject and their family and capture beautiful memories of a day in their life.

The important thing about Lifestyle sessions is that they are an opportunity to photograph your dog just being themselves. Not posed, not stressed; just capturing what a day in your pets' life looks like. So these sessions take time. An average lifestyle session is 4 hours. Very often I won't even take a shot for the first 45 minutes or even an hour. It takes time for your pet to settle enough after I arrive to get back to business as usual. Once they do, you can get some really awesome shots of them being their own silly, goofy, selves.

A Day in the Life session is often held in your home taking the opportunity to really catch your dog looking comfortable and relaxed.

Or can be held somewhere out in the world, doing things your dog loves doing.

If you're looking for something different for your pets next photo session. Ask about our Day in the Life Sessions. You'll be glad you did.

Contact BlueGrace Photography TODAY at or 754-600-9154 to schedule your pet photography session!

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